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Sony MDR1000x Wireless Headphone Review

September 6, 2017 / no comments, on Reviews, Technology

Sony MDR1000x headphones

 “The Sony MDR1000x has a simple yet satisfying look”


Okay so the Sony MDR1000x looks a little on the simple side. The $300.00 price point kind of had me on the fence just by the look alone. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 pushed it a little from my stand point with their simple design, but if you get a pair of headphones just for its good looks then you can pass these up for something a bit more flashy.

Inside you get a lovely carring case, a standard micro USB cord for charging, a 3.5mm cord and an airplane adaptor for your flying convenience. I like the way Sony used the right amount of metal in the right places. These headphones do feel very premium in your hands. The earcups and headband are made of synthetic leather but they do feel really soft to the touch.

As a tech lover I must say that absolutely enjoy the smell of new electronics. When I unboxed this headset, a pleasant leather aroma met my nostrals that sort of acted as a small bonus to my unboxing experience. In wearing them around town these earphones are quit light as they weigh in at about 278g. Anything under 300g I consider to be light weight.

There is a subtle clamping on the ears but nothing that will hinder when you wear them for long periods of time. The Sony MDR1000x warm up just a bitr from long listening but not enough to make your ears sweat. The earcups do swivel and fold up pretty small for easy transport.Sony MDR1000x headphones


When it come to operating the MDR1000x its equipped with gesture controls built inside of the right earcup. Swiping forward and backward skips tracks for you, and one of its very unique features I love is the ambient audio feature that allows you to hear your environment. Now this function works extremely well and I wish more headsets had this as a standard.

Say your walking down the street and you want to hear the traffic or just want to be more aware of your surroundings. There is a button located on the right earcup that you can press to hear your music as well as everyone around you. Also If your enjoying your music and someone walks up to you and wants to briefly say a few words just cover the right earcup with your hand and the music turns down and noise cancelling fades out. I didn’t know how useful it was until It was available to use, after one use of it I was hooked.

” The gesture controls are something you never know you needed”

The Sony MDR1000x physical buttons are kind of hard to find but after a little use it will be like clockwork. Ambient sound is up top, noise cancelling on or off is next, power then last is the 3.5mm input. On the right earcup is just the micro USB for charging and it does take a while to charge them. From a completely dead battery it takes roughly 4 hours. Sony makes the claim of a 20 hour battery life with noise cancelling on and 22 hours with it on. I would say that they are right on the money with that.

With most noise cancelling headphones you do experience a little cabin pressure but with these that feeling is minor compared to the Bose QC35’s but it is almost unnoticeable with the Sennheiser HD1 wireless. Walking through the city with cars , construction and buses blowing by me the Sony MDR1000x did pretty well with blocking out the noise. Sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a cup of joe or relaxing on a lunch break in a food court, the MDR1000x held up well not completely blocking everything out but they at least heavily drowned them out.

Sony MDR1000x headphones


When it comes to bass features you get a nice clean bass experience, if your looking for something that isn’t that bass heavy and like more detail then these are the headphones for you. If you love hard hitting bass them I recommend simply get an equalizer or trying out the Skullcandy Crusher. The mids perform clean and clear very neutral and detailed in accuracy. Voices are well pronounced when listening to each breath from dominant vocalist is simply beautiful. The Sony MDR1000x is very easy to listen to and it is a perfect all arounder. These sound the best when listening to rock, pop, and classical music. Hip hop sounds great as well with these but I do wish there was more bass with that genre. Connectivity worked very well as I stood on one side of the house and my phone was located on the other I didn’t experience any loss of signal.


In closing the Sony MDR1000x is an phenomenal choice that is on par with other premium headsets like Bose and Sennheiser. With a price point of almost $300. They are with the handy features and sound they produce are justified in every way. They are available in only 2 colors, black and white.

You can pick yourself up a pair At Amazon.







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