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Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Headphones Review

September 5, 2017 / no comments, on Reviews, Technology

“The Sennheiser HD1 is the Symphony of Headphones”

Sennheiser HD1   I Touched base in a tough cardboard box bundling, I needed to stop for a moment time taking a gander at the cover picture of the Sennheiser HD1 Headset. With the cover off, you will locate a smaller case made out of a delicate material (sort of helps me to remember calfskin surface) within a froth set pattern, a commonplace show setting I found with other Sennheiser models, however case material generally differs.

Not with standing this delicate touch case with a neat stitching around the edges, other included adornments (all within the case) were a separable sound link, usb to smaller scale usb charging/information link, a flight connector which I love because I travel a lot. They have a delicate draw-string pocket with earphones inside and the pocket set for the situation, and an extensive snappy guide. Actually I lean toward an all the more substantial obligation hard shell case and in the end will search for one which shouldn’t be an issue to discover since Sennheiser HD1 has a foldable plan.


Now when it comes to the build quality you can see the top has a very nice leather finish its stitched all the way around and it goes down to the ear pads. The ear pads are the softest ear pads I’ve ever felt. Its an over the ear design that has really deep ear cups. I had no problem with them when they are on and they cover my whole ear. I personally like the look of these because of the classic look that they have.

I wasn’t really a fan of the Sennheiser on ear headphones, I felt like they were a bit too small but this is like the perfect design. Something to note is that the Sennheiser HD1 wireless headset does have the wires exposed on the inside just a bit which makes it easier for things to snag them. If such an occasion does happen the HD1 headset does come with a 2 year warranty.

There are two strips of metal that the ear cups can slide up and down on for adjustment and these babies fold up nice and small for transport. This is a very rugged headset I might add, you can pull them, twist them, drop them and they will still keep on ticking. I don’t think anyone should have a problem with them at all. Your really getting something that will last.

Look and functionality

As far as branding, on your right hand side you have the HD logo. On your left hand side you just have the Sennheiser. On the ear cups you have a Sennheiser disc logo, your left and right ear cup markings are in the inside right where the hinges bend. Located on your left side is where your NFC pairing is so if you have an NFC device just tap it and it will pair.

On your right side is where everything else is. You have your micro USB for charging, your mic input, there is also a slider for the volume up and down and it acts as a skip button, twice for skip forward, three times for backwards skip. Above that you have your power and pairing button and that’s just about it. When you are wearing these you have two microphones that sit up front that are used for taking calls as well.


Sennheiser HD1   You know I never hear too much about the noise cancelling when it comes to these headphones. Let me tell you that the noise cancelling was awesome. When playing music it does a really good job of shutting out all of the commotion but not to the point where you feel pressure. It does it in a real subtle sense drowning out all unwanted noises. Even with the music off I didn’t hear anything.

You can relax in a crowded mall sitting in the food court during lunch and not hear a soul. These are not studio headphones these are consumer headphones. The separation of sound on the Sennheiser HD1 absolutely blew me away. You can hear explosions behind you, planes flying by, cars speeding past you. I could literally pick out what cars where making what sounds on the Fast & the Furious. In Star Wars you can feel the Millennium Falcon’s engines and the sound of the force up close and personal.

If there is something happening off in the distance you can hear it in complete clarity. These do not sound like a closed back pair of headphones. They actually act like an open back pair of headphones. The base is really punchy and the mids have this real smooth flow to it, vocals were so good that it made me want to listen to all my favorite songs over again. Gaming…oh my gosh these took gaming to another level. I got sucked into Overwatch for 4 hours straight without blinking. The immersion was so good I didn’t want to shut the game off, it was bananas.

The Verdict

The Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones look very well designed. When it comes to sound, these are the best sounding headphones I currently own. I know the $499.00 price tag may seem a bit steep for some people but, if you buy a good pair of gaming headphones they will cost you about $150.00 to $200.00. If your looking for a nice pair of studio headphones its going to cost you about $200.00 or more like the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 for $345.00. These are good on phone calls, Gaming, movies, and music. They may not be for everyone but if you can hit the asking price, it will be money well spent.

You can pick you up a pair on Amazon.






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