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Pokédrone WTF is that!

July 24, 2016 / no comments, on Technology

Tech brand TRNDlabs has customised its miniature drone so Pokémon Go video game players can access Pokémon in difficult places and avoid walking into hazards.

The Pokédrone has been adapted specifically for the Pokémon Go smartphone video game, which has sparked a cultural phenomenon since launching last week.

The augmented reality game sees players capturing small cartoon creatures, which are overlaid onto real-world locations and found using a GPS-based map.

However, sometimes the critters appear in hard-to-reach places, like in the middle of busy roads or hovering above bodies of water – making it difficult or impossible for avid fans to catch them.

“Disappointment is all over the world when Pokémon occurs on your screen but in reality there is no way for human beings to catch it,” said TRNDlabs. “The Pokédrone is the solution that delivers the power of catching ’em all!”

The company claims that when the Pokédrone is paired with the Pokémon Go app via Wi-Fi, the app switches to use the on-board camera and GPS rather than the phone’s functions. The interface remains on the screen.

Players place their phone onto a port on a controller, which also stores the drone when not in use and features a pair of joysticks to direct the vehicle while in flight.

Using its four tiny propellors, the drone can hover over a location while the player attempts to capture the Pokémon they find.




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