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Nintendo Switch First Peak Inside

January 15, 2017 / no comments, on News, Technology

We haven’t seen anything from Nintendo about what games are coming out on launch. It looks like the famous console  maker has finally graced us with a bit more of what we can expect to see when the console debuts. I think this time around Nintendo will be giving Xbox One and the PS4 a run for their money, not graphics wise but functionality.

I’ve personally have been waiting for that perfect blend, you know that in between console that you can play at home as well as take it on the go. Their are certain parameters I need such as a good game selection, crisp graphics, nice control sticks etc.. When it comes to a home consoles all of those are a must, not so much a handheld for to some degree. The graphics have to be at least acceptable, the games must be good and have good gameplay. When we are talking about selection that actually plays an important part, probably because we have so much of a selection from our cell phones but mobile phones just don’t seem to give you the same experience a hand held console does.

All in all I’m always hoping for the best and expecting the worst so I won’t be disappointed when or if they let me down. The video above shows some gameplay from the Nintendo Switch, a couple of nice titles I’d like to very much see on day one launch. In the past years game makers have been promising everyone the world and delivering something less than stellar as results go and us the consumer and standing there with a big WTF look on our faces. I’ve learned over time not to rely on what they boast about at these press conferences and just wait for launch day. If you want to pre-order your Nintendo Switch you better do it while supplies last.

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