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Experience Acoustic Bliss with The Sennheiser HD Pro 200

August 27, 2017 / no comments, on Reviews, Technology

Sennheiser HD Pro 200 has the best sound ever.

The Sennheiser HD Pro 200’s sound gorgeous

When it comes to audio Sennheiser has always stood out as a symbol of quality and perfection. The Sennheiser HD Pro 200 Headphones have a beautiful, simple design that will compliment any music lovers ears for enjoyment. These earphones feature a full plastic body design that’s makes them very light. They also have a very soft to touch set of ear cups and headband. The Sennheiser 200 HD Pro also bolsters a textured finish on the outer shells of each ear cup and comes equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and a 2m long wire. Now the long wire is I guess what you prefer, I kind of like the long cord for the most part.


“Lets Get into the specs”


The Sennheiser HD Pro 200 weighs only 184g and has an impedance of 32ohm, the frequency response is 20-20,000Hz and it has a load rating of 500w for those who like to know what’s on the inside. As far as performance goes I think the Sennheiser headset gives you a pretty good bang for your buck. Even though they are outfitted with a closed back they do have a small leakage of sound. Sometimes the high pressure inside the earphones tend to make the audio a bit too loud at times. Even though these are not noise cancelling headphones it still keeps the noise out on a pretty good level. We listened to different types of music just to get the feel of what music levels we are dealing with.


“The Sennheiser HD Pro 200 Verdict”


All of the high tempo songs sound pretty good and the acoustics were very clear. Now when we get to the vocals, they are warm, and clear even when they are loud. The lows, highs, and mid ranges are perfectly in sync. When it come to Bass I was kind of disappointed. The Bass get really distorted when you turn up the volume along with the vocals. It does go to say that if you listen to the HD Pro at a normal volume they sound absolutely gorgeous.  The HD Pro 200 is slightly bulk but they are comfortable. If you want to fold these up and put them in a bag for portability you can forget it, the ear cups don’t fold at all. The price right now is about $70.00.

If you love to hear the acoustics then these are the pair for you. If not there are some other choices to better suit your needs like the DT 990 Beyerdynamics or the CB3 Hush Headphones.

You can pick them up on Amazon






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