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Audeze SINE On-Ear (luxury) Headphones Review

September 18, 2017 / no comments, on Reviews, Technology

“The Audeze Sine is a different type of headphone”

Audeze Sine headphones

The Audeze Sine breaks through the market this time with a very affordable solution compared to what Audeze’s usual headphones cost. Spinning out a different type of driver from the rest, The Sine headphones are equipped with Planar Magnetic drivers which is said to deliver better bass and transients to give you a very high quality and supreme sound.

Now the asking price of the Audeze Sine headphones is $499.00us if you want the version that comes with the lightning cable and $449.00us for the standard version. I know whats going through your head right now, is it worth it! Well after giving them I try I’ll tell what I think.


   Lets jump right into it. Its and on-ear open backed headphone, it was designed by Designworks a BMW group subsidiary. Its comes with a 1.5″ adapter, the standard comes with a 3.5mm jack and flat cable for the headset without a mic. I think if you are an IOS user you will benefit the most from this headset.

When you pay the extra $50 you get to download their exclusive Audeze equalizer app in which you can fine tune your headphones and they will stay that way. These cables have a unique design, the jacks that plug into the bottom of the headphones showcase an angled form factor.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been busy working at my desk listening to my favorite song, then I turn to get up and instantly my headphones snag the keyboard which isn’t even that heavy and reality sets in…..I’m not at the concert anymore, I’m in a stupid office.. in a dusty cubical… at work and I hear no more music. It always happens when I’m at the very peak of enjoyment. Any way these thankfully hook into the ports at such a secure angle that they can’t be yanked out.

The IOS lightning cable comes with an inline mic with a one button fiction for answering and ending calls, volume up, down, skip backwards and forwards. It also has a built-in DAC and DSP amplifier that lets you bypass the internal system on your IOS device for better sound quality.

The Audeze Sine headphones do have a premium feel and build. they feel very sturdy, and the headband and earcups are made with high end soft leather. One thing I must say about the fit, its something you kind of have to get used to.

I couldn’t wear this for a long period of time not because they were too heavy but because they just felt strange by the way they are shaped. After wearing them for a while you do get comfortable with them and if there was a down side to them that would be it.


   When you use the lightning cable with an IOS device and use the Audeze app it gives you an automatic bass boost. It gives you about 3 or 4 db below 200hrz or 100 hrz something along those lines.

It  goes deep, its punchy, and nice. The entire sound they have is really different its not like any other headphone and I mean different in a good way. The mid ranges are very uncolored, I think it really good well voiced and seems to be spot on its very accurate.

Treble is a little bit boosted, it kind of comes off as a real clean snappy wow factor type of sound. Its just so crazy, this is an on-ear headphone that sounds perfect. I think most on-ear headphones usually have serious issues with bass but with this earphone there is no problem. The Audeze Sine headset blocks a lot of escaping sound as well.


Over all the Audeze Sine without the lightning cable for $449.00 is worth it and with the cable its a no brainer. I can go as far as to say the these are the best sounding on-ear headphone I’ve ever heard, they are well worth there asking price. If you want a slightly cheaper in price headphone that also has superior sound then you can check out the V-Moda Crossfade 2

You can pick up a pair on Amazon.



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